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Welcome to the Master's Degree in International Commerce

Master's Degree in International Commerce Graduation Ceremony

The Master's Degree in International Commerce was launched in September 2008 in the Business Studies School in the University of Vigo. It began as an official degree adapted to comply with the new EU standard and thus recognised throughout the European Union.

Its applied focus responds to the strategic interest of Galicia and is part of the regional productive fabric and thus means that Master's graduates are highly valued by companies in our area.

The Master's has two modes, one on-site and one online, and is limited to 25 places for each mode. Admission requirements necessitate having a university qualification – diploma or degree – preferably in the economic or business domain (Diploma in Business Studies, Commerce Graduate, or with a degree in Business Management and Administration). Admission criteria also consider academic standing, professional experience in international trade and knowledge of languages, and this criteria may be consulted in this web page and it will conform to the requirements as set by the Academic Committee of the Master's programme.


Duration is one academic year of evening timetable, Monday to Thursday in the first semester and Monday to Wednesday in the second. Supervised practicals must also be completed (which may be validated by professional experience). There is a workload of 60 ECTS credits (European course credit transfer system). Its cost, as with any other official university course has fees set by the Galician authorities each year (currently c.€1,300).

Teaching faculty includes 20 lecturers from the University of Vigo and many external guest speakers from public bodies related to foreign trade and exporting companies or consultants who are specialised in internationalisation, who bring to the Master's programme their practical perspective and their profound knowledge of the reality. Additionally, we can rely on the explicit support of numerous companies and institutions in the Vigo catchment area to be expressed, in many cases, through collaborative agreements.

What do we offer?

  • High employment prospects.
  • Dual training: academic + applied.
  • Work placements.
  • Two modes: On-site or online learning.
  • Degree is validated in the EHEA.
  • Visit to companies.
  • Classes in Spanish and English.

Renewed accreditation of the Master's

The Master's had accreditation renewed 11 March 2015, a symbol of good work: The Council of Universities, through its Commission for Verification and Accreditation, in its meeting of 11 March 2015, resolved to renew accreditation for the official degree of the Master's in International Commerce awarded by the University of Vigo.

Renewed accreditation of the Master's