Master's Degree in International Commerce
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Teaching methodology of the Master's in International Commerce

Teaching methodology of the Master's in International Commerce

The Master's follows a multi-disciplinary teaching method with a focus which is eminently practical and applicable to the reality of management of international trade.

With this objective in mind, very varied methodologies are combined, which range from lecture sessions, where the lecturer takes on a more expository role, to workshops where students work in teams using determined methodologies for the resolution of complex problems and the resolution of practical cases inspired by the circumstances of actual case studies. In this case, ICT features prominently, given the relevance that e-commerce is acquiring on a daily basis.

Additionally, meetings are organised with highly-regarded professionals who deal with topical subjects such as confronted by them on a daily basis. There are also coaching sessions which are intended to foster the students' horizontal capabilities, associated with employability or with the ability to present in public.

Finally, field trips off-campus favour hands-on training, which offer a different perspective and a learning method in an actual management environment.

To achieve this, tenured faculty from the University of Vigo work in conjunction with guest speakers or visiting experts.