Master's Degree in International Commerce
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Testimonials on the Master's Degree in International Commerce

"The completion of the Master's Degree in International Commerce for me was an unbeatable complement to my learning and gave me an overall vision of business, which, even today, I consider indispensable in my work. Faculty teaching is of the highest level along with so many guest speakers who are able to convey to the student the content of various subjects in a clear and concise manner. Add to that the fact that class size is restricted, which means instruction is almost like personal tuition. Moreover, the possibility of completing work placements in top-class companies, is the icing on the cake as regards the application of know-how acquired to the practical on-the-ground level. Finally, on a personal level it represents doors being opened to the labour market."

Adrián Pérez González, student of the sixth class year.

"The best decision on a personal and learning level was without doubt having taken the Master's Degree in International Commerce at the University of Vigo. In the middle of a chaotic year, this Master's successfully enriched my CV with those skills which in one way or another were lacking. With it, I achieved solid training within the international trading system. I applaud the lecturers and speakers who managed to enthuse us with such force, to those who with their experience succeeded in bringing us closer to the world of work and to those who through their work have made the validation of this Post-Grad. so completely and truly positive. This Master’s has managed to surpass all my expectations and, of course, I would recommend it to anyone interested. I can also leverage and build on each and every one of my classes. I also keep in contact with the lecturers and speakers. All of them are very open to support you with any doubt or consultation. Personally, the contacts established will be of great help in the world of work. Currently, and thanks to the Master's, I have started a new work project in a large logistics company holding the position of Commercial Support."

Silvia Núñez Fernández, student from the seventh class year.

"Choosing this Master's was a good decision for me I think. I consider it a help in accessing the import/export sector as well as for commercial departments. Classes are quite practical and, above all, very useful and applicable on a daily basis. The teaching faculty is very professional and capable with wide experience in their respective fields. The external guest lecturers were of the highest order and relevance including at national level, a luxury for which more than one will pay, as well as for the visits to businesses. All of this has helped me so that I am working today in a shipping company. I totally recommend it for those who are looking to specialise."

Adrián Vila de la Peña, student from the third class year.

"I'd like to commend the faculty team of the Master's in International Commerce of the University of Vigo Business School. The training programme and coursework for the Master's, apart from being very interesting, seemed to me to be very useful for getting a general idea of the workings of the international trading system. For me, as a foreigner with language difficulties, it was not so easy to study. Nevertheless, each of the teaching staff tried to support and help me with the best intentions of facilitating my learning process throughout the course. Training facilitated by guest speakers also seemed to be very interesting and motivating for me. Sharing your own successful experiences with young people always brings significant expertise and has a very positive impact. This Master's was without doubt one of the best decisions that I have ever made!"

Anna Aycicek, student from the seventh class year.