Master's Degree in International Commerce
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General details of the Master's Degree in International Commerce

Relevant public information about the Master's Degree in International Commerce


Facultade de Comercio (Faculty of Commerce)
C/ Torrecedeira, 105
36208 Vigo

Tel: [+34] 986 813 748
Fax: 986 813 746

Number of credits


Directed at

University graduates with or without professional experience.

Academic (lecture) period

September to May


  • First semester: Monday to Thursday. Monday to Thursday: 4.00 pm-9.00 pm.
  • Second semester: Monday to Tuesday. 4.00 pm-9.00 pm. Wednesday: 4.00 pm-7.00 pm. Occasionally there will be some activities on Thursdays.


  • On-site: 25 places
  • Online/off-site: 25 places

Descriptor of the Master's Degree in International Commerce

Calendar for pre-registration and matriculation

Administrative Secretariat of the Master's:

Faculty of Commerce:


The fee is determined by the Decree which defines university course fees. As an indicative amount, during the 2021-2022 course the cost per credit was €9.85 in the first registration; €26.68 in the second and successive registrations (Decree 103/2021, 13 July, DOG [Galician Official Gazette] of 1 July 2021). The University, in an effort to help students, offers the possibility of paying the fee in 6 instalments.