Master's Degree in International Commerce
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Final project of the Master's Degree in International Commerce

The final project of the Master's degree (Spanish:TFM) is one of the most important learning activities of the programme and consists of the completion, by the student, of work in which they apply the know-how acquired in the Master's, as well as showcasing their creative and innovative abilities.

The final project of the Master's has a multidisciplinary character and integrates the various skills acquired by the participant and is centred, with an eminently practical focus, on the topic of entrepreneurship, understood in its broadest sense.

The concrete content may deal with projects concerning company creation, development projects of already- existing companies (import, export of products, acquisition or sale of technologies, agreement on distribution, cooperation, etc.), approaches to transformation of any of the business processes, creation of spin-offs, topical research (for example, business opportunities based on emerging Information Technologies), etc.

The importance of a project with these features is that it offers the student the opportunity of delving into a topic that interests them, exploring it intensely and learning to locate, analyse, evaluate, and interpret, and information with critical vision. It is an independent and personal task for the student, although guided and completed under the supervision of a tutor.

The results will be the subject of a final report which must be presented and defended in public form.